It has long been known that loneliness is a problem for those of us living in the western world. But the extent of loneliness is reaching shocking proportions amongst young and old. 

There are many suggested solutions to combat loneliness such as keeping busy, joining social clubs or volunteering. But one of the biggest challenges for those that feel lonely is the fact that for some even with many friends, acquaintances and varied activities the ache of loneliness remains. Loneliness evaporates when we have even just a few people that truly know us. It is when we hide our real self and feel that we have to present an idealized self to others that the loneliness actually grows.

This is where joining a faith community and getting to know God can make all the difference. In a good faith community, an opportunity is available to sharing with others about how life really is. People are not forced to share but they can if they wish! I have found that, the supportive environment, when people have made themselves vulnerable with others, a closeness and a trust develops as people become true friends.

Even more importantly, I have witnessed that when someone gets to know God they discover that they are genuinely and truly known. With God they do not need to pretend or present anything other than their genuine self. They discover that God is like a good parent and a good friend who always remains with them and always supports.

If you have good friends and you have a good faith why not take a few moments to be thankful for that.

If you know of lonely people why not reach out to them even today.

If you are lonely why not come along to our cafe or one of our other activities and if you would like to talk with someone about how to make a connection with God get in touch.