A great course for exploring what Christianity is all about, Alpha is designed to help people ask and explore in a safe and accepting environment. It’s a video-based course (10 sessions) that encourages relaxed, informal discussion – meeting in person or online once a week.

Feedback from guests:

“I was unsure what to expect. I wondered if I might feel a little intimidated by a group of people who I supposed knew a lot more. What I found was quite the opposite. As the weeks went by, we grew together on our individual journeys. I was able to ask the questions I’d have been afraid to voice before. I have made some wonderful friends too. Open to all, no matter how you feel about God. “

“I would recommend the Alpha course to anyone of whatever persuasion or depth of belief. Enjoyable and enlightening.”

“I suddenly realised that taking the Alpha Course would help me grow as a Christian. This course…gives everyone a platform to ask questions about faith, Jesus, God, the Bible. Brilliant.”

“A superb course for anyone wishing to explore more about life and Christianity, in a confidential and supportive space.”

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