Most of us live with a small or large amounts of fear. We have the fear of being hurt (physically or emotionally), the fear of failing, the fear of loneliness, the fear of the future. A certain amount fear enables us to make sensible decisions get out of a place of danger quickly. A visual example can be seem in the photo above.  The isolated women on a lonely staircase needs to quickly move to a place of safety (Photo Credit: Henry Lo Some fear of academic failure can motivate a student to study more intensively.  But the problem is that for most of us is that we have levels of fear in our lives that are excessive and counter-productive. Too much fear can overwhelm us and cause us to make unwise decisions. Too much fear can paralyse us and prevent us doing the very things that we should be doing.

So how can we fear less and in time learn to be fearless?

Be honest about your fears with yourself and with others. Once you name the fears and bring them out into the open they are often put into perspective. Occasionally it can be helpful to think briefly about the worst that can happen as this can help us realise that things are not actually that bad. (Please note: If you are already a “glass half empty”person thinking about a worst case scenario is not a good idea!)

 The obstacle or situation that is causing excessive fear can often be broken down into smaller tasks. For example, a worker who is terrified about the large project they are in charge of ,rather thank be daunted by the whole thing can break it up into small chunks. This means that they can focus on getting the first part right which builds confidence for the rest of the project.

When all else fails…ask for help in combating fear

How can faith eliminate fear?

Faith in many ways is the opposite of fear. When a person has a strong personal faith, even when frightening things come into their life fear can be kept at bay as they focus on the one who is bigger and stronger than whatever they face. At the start of Psalm 27, David says

” The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

If the God truly is with you and wanting to help you, when we feel frightened we can run to God for help, protection and strength. In our daily gathering for worship, prayer and Bible study this morning we looked at this passage and recognised places in the world where there are truly terrifying things happened. Yet we all knew Christians living in such places for whom, fear never played a part in their life. The attitude of these apparently “super Christians” can be summed up as “My God can deliver and save me! And even if he does not and I die, then I get to see him face to face and enjoy heaven”. Such people are not afraid of dying, they are not afraid of bad news, they are not afraid of failing. Because they are not afraid of all these things they are able to truly live life to the full.  These people are inspiring and  I want to be more and more like them. I want a life where faith wins and fear loses! How about you?